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Briana Stockton

inspirational motivator

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Yoga Nidra

What I hope for ALL, is to bring curiosity, the more you open up the more you move obstacles.

Truth is known in your heart, not your mind. Your heart is a place of stillness and emptiness (space) of consciousness. You have to be willing to hear it before you really hear it.

Emotions don’t go away, it’s our relationship with them that change. Time and space are illusions we are bound to in life. A great wisdom is to be able to be present. Feel the feels and express them. In meditation you can go into an altered mindset. Quieting the mind to become one with the divine. Yoga Nidra, being awake and aware in a way like never before. Be the witness of your own experience; not this mind, not this body. Awake and aware.

Letting go letting go letting go. Deeper and deeper into relaxation, deeper and deeper into surrender. Yoga Nidra is not to find the answer of your Dharma, it’s to create the reality of the Dharma and manifest it. Your practice will deepen as you live in harmony. Yoga Nidra is a pathway to return to your higher self. Be mindful, act gently, and walk softly.

Training + Food

Briana has been a personal trainer for over 15 years. Always taking into account individual ability and goals she takes her clients through an explosive, interval circuit workout that challenges them both mentally and physically. She has trained in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and now enjoys most of her time home in SF. Briana’s personal training incorporates plyometrics, TRX, balance and core routines, there is never a dull or boring moment and regardless of what you will be motivated to do…you will lose weight, lose fat, gain energy and feel & look great!

Briana Stockton is a raw vegan food chef and nutritional therapist. Formerly a raw food chef in Los Angeles, Briana went on to package her own raw food meals under the brand “Pure Raw Love” to an exclusive list of celebrity clients. Since then Briana has worked primarily with one family and has traveled the world sharing her passion of health and fitness through her believe of true wellness. Now living back in her native city of San Francisco, Briana offers weekly raw vegan meals to local clientele, leads scheduled cooking classes, and has done philanthropic work through catering meaningful events, as well as catering small events.

About Briana

Briana is an inspirational motivator, who radiates the “wealth of health,” through her everyday commitment of teachings. She is a Raw Vegan food Chef, certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Briana also leads mediation through Yoga Nidra. Briana and her clients together create a vision of what they want and as a team consciously create reality through awareness and intention. She challenges each individual mentally, emotionally, and physically which amplifies the strength of their intention and moves the forces of the universe to manifest their vision. Through food, body and soul, Briana shares with you her passion and knowledge of health. She helps you create and prioritizes space for the importance of YOU with true belief that every person has the strength to accomplish a life of overall wellness. Briana Stockton is also the Co-Author and Editor of The Juice Solution.